This Tuesday the winter break in the German 2. Bundesliga finally ends and the clubs start right away with an english week in the scond part of the season. Among others the VfB Stuttgart plays in its Mercedes-Benz Arena against FC Heidenheim, which is a real highlight game.

Starting this season we are responsible for the speed presenting in the stadium of VfB Stuttgart by using the arena design of our Speedmaster. Our system ensures that the shooting speeds are presented on the arena screens in real-time. The club uses the speed presenting as an additional attractive and perfectly suited sponsoring platform. And with a regional logistics company the club has found the perfect partner and presenter for the presentation of the shooting speeds out of the running game. The theme of speed is very important for the company since its core services are Europe-wide express shippings, special trips and courier services. So there is a perfect fit of sponsor and sponsorship, which results in an authentic and emotional presence of the company in the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Stuttgart.

In eacht halftime chosen shooting speeds like goals or spectacular finishes are presented on the area screens. So the eyes of the spectators are focussed automatically on the screen with the message of the sponsor. For the presenting three consecutive graphics are used which can be activated by pushing just one button in the arena control.

With the speed presenting in the stadium of VfB Stuttgart we could realize another collaboration with a traditional club of the German Bundesliga. We want to wish the club all the best for the rest of this season.