Successful use of the Speedmaster at the UEFA Euro League Final 2019 in Baku

On May 24th the 2019 final of the UEFA Euro League season took place in Baku, Azerbaijan. In this all-English final FC Chelsea defeated the city rival FC Arsenal 4:1.

But such a huge final isn´t just about the match itself. Furthermore it is an event, which starts several days before the actual final match. Fans of both teams travel to the venue and transform the city to a big fan mile. To create a special and lasting experience for the foreign as well as for the domestic football fans, there was a big fan fest at the beach promenade of Baku for several days. The event started some days before the final match and was lasting over the whole final day.

Several of our event tools were successfully in use at the fan fest. The event and live-marketing agency E.STYLE created a complex booth for an international automotive group with two of our professional speed measurement systems in its centre. With more than 2000 measurements per day the devices were running 10 – 12 hours each day. Nevertheless, thanks to the plug and play principle of our Speedmaster, the supervision effort for the staff as well as the waiting period for the participants could be avoided. Some of the participants were football legends like the Portuguese Deco, who proved that they still have a lot of power in their feet.

Our event tool was a real highlight at the fan fest in Baku and by far the most used module. Philipp Lee of the agency E.STYLE summarised the application of our Speedmaster highly satisfied: “I have been organising appearances at public viewings, fan fests and similar events for our clients for several years. But I can´t remember a tool with which we could attract a comparable attention than with the speed measuring system of Speedmaster in Baku. We are very satisfied with the device and will definitely use it furthermore in future.”