This August the 15th Fistball World Championships took place in Winterthur, Switzerland. For the first time all games were played at just one venue. For this the Stadion Schützenwiese in Winterthur was converted to a pure fistball arena with two main playing fields and several additional pitches. The arena provided space for 8.000 spectators. The exciting and high-class matches reached their peak on 17 August with the final between Germany and Austria, which Germany won 4 to 0. So Germany defended their title successfully.

For the first time in the history of fistball events the striking speeds were measured and presented on the arena screen in real-time out of the running games. For this the organisers of the World Championships used our arena design. In between a few hours the system was installed and connected with the arena control. So all strikes could be measured fully automatically and the highlights of the smashes were presented on the arena screen, which attracted a lot of attention. The service of the speed measuring at the Fistball World Championships was offered to the spectators, media and players from the first game of the preliminary round until the final. The feedback of all parties was entirely positive.

The service of the speed measuring out of the running games was ideally supplemented by our event design, consisting of our Speedmaster and one of our inflatable rental goals. So the spectators and even the players had the chance to test their striking speeds. The attraction was placed nearby the two main pitches and attracted a lot of attention and fun.

We are really happy about the successful premiere of our devices at the Fistball World Championships and we are looking forward to the continuation of this great collaboration.