Speed measuring of karts – use at the kart track in Osnabrueck

With the use in kart sports our professional speed measuring system once again proves its various fields of application. Currently the Speedmaster is used at the innovative electro kart track in Osnabrueck to offer an additional service for the drivers as well as for the spectators. With the speed measuring of karts and the highly visible presentation of the measured speeds in real-time the Nettodrom creates another unique selling proposition among the kart tracks in Germany.

On the 470 metre long track the powerful  electro karts reach speeds up to 70 km/h. For these top speeds and the rapid acceleration of the karts our speed measurement system is the perfect tool. This is proven by the feedback of the drivers and specators on-site as well as in the social networks.

Right know the Nettodrom and our engineers are thinking about how to improve the experience of speed measuring of karts. We will inform you about news right here.