Speed measurement in the Handball Bundesliga

HC Erlangen is the first club that uses the speed measurement in the Handball Bundesliga. The throwing speeds are measured during the match and presented in real-time on attractive and attention-grabbing designed LED-displays around the field.  In this way the club creates another perfectly suited sponsoring platform. At the same time there is another highlight for the spectators, which increases their handball-experience at home games of the HC Erlangen in the Arena Nürnberger Versicherung. Additionally the speeds of extra spectacular throws of the home team are presented on the big video wall in the arena, associated with a tailor-made brand message of the sponsor. So the Speedmaster arena design guarantees a sponsor that the views of the 8.000 spectators are regularly focused on his message. Furthermore he benefits from the multiplier effect of the media as the speed flashes are filmed by the TV cameras and printed in newspapers and magazines.

The arena of Erlangen has two sensors behind both goals at each home game. These sensors do all the measurements automatically and ensure that the throwing speeds can be presented in real-time. Firstly all speeds are presented on the LED-displays near the field. Additionally they are transmitted via an interface to the arena control. There chosen values can be picked by pushing just one button, so that these appear on the big video wall, in combination with a brand message of the sponsor.

Theo Mpairaktaridis, responsible for the match day organisation at HC Erlangen, is very satisfied with the Speedmaster arena design: “We are very happy for creating this added value for our spectators, sponsors and media partners. Furthermore the assembly and dismantling of the system is done in between some minutes, which is another huge advantage. And to be honest, we are also proud having a unique selling proposition in the DKB Handball Bundesliga by using the real-time speed presentation in our arena.”