Test of the shooting strength of the new players in the Swiss Super-League

The big Swiss newspaper “Blick” was testing the skills of the new players in the Swiss Super-League. In each club one of the new players competed head to head against one of the long-time players. There were three different categories in which the players competed: Measuring of the shooting strength, target shooting and juggling while answering questions.

To guarantee reliable and exact measuring results our professional speed measuring system was used to determine the shooting strenghts. Like you can see in the videos below, the professional players were able to prove their shooting skills really impressively. Especially if you remember that our alltime best value is 137 km/h, achieved by Roy Makaay during his time at FC Bayern Munich.

Videos: FC BaselFC Luzern, Grasshopper Club Zurich, Young Boys Bern, FC Zurich

If you are also interested in testing who has the hardest shot in your club or if you need a highlight for your upcoming event, contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.